Issue #2: September 2006

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Remaking American Medicine
Profiles of Change: MCG Health System
Patient and Family Advisors
International Conference: Call for Papers
Privileged Presence: Personal Stories of Connections in Health Care
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Remaking American Medicine


Remaking American Medicine (RAM) is a four-part primetime television series intended for broadcast on PBS in October 2006.  The four one-hour programs are scheduled to air on PBS on October 5, 12, 19 and 26 at 10 p.m. (check local listings).


The series will feature patient- and family-centered care and the importance of partnerships with patients and families. RAM tells stories of change, focuses on the breathtaking advances made in improving the quality of patient care, and showcases compelling profiles of providers, patients, and families who are working together to change fundamentally the way health care is delivered in the United States.  The goal of Remaking American Medicine is to inspire and empower viewers, both members of the general public and health care professionals, to join in efforts to transform American health care.


As sophisticated medical technology continues to reshape the medical care delivery systems, positive relationships between providers, patients, and their families are more crucial than ever. Hand in Hand, Program Four highlights the MCG Health System in Augusta, Georgia as a champion of change.  It tells the story of patients and families who have formed a unique bond to transform the institution into a nationally recognized facility, where partnership is a guiding vision to the care it delivers. 


Julie Moretz PictureJulie Moretz, Family Leader & Director of the MCG Health System Family Services Department and Faculty member for IFCC Seminars, who will be featured in the PBS program on October 26th, will also appear on Good Morning America on Oct. 20th, 2006.


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Profiles of Change: MCG Health System

MCG Patient and Family Advisory Council

The transformation of MCG's organizational culture began in 1993, during discussions about the development of a new children's hospital facility.  Simultaneously, a group of pediatric nurses suggested to the administrator that family-centered care become the new approach for the delivery of inpatient pediatric services.


An assessment revealed that the care delivered, while excellent in many ways, reflected the needs of providers and did not adequately respond to patients' and families' needs and concerns. At this point, the hospital made a commitment to family-centered care for the pediatric units.  MCG established a Family-Centered Care Steering Committee. Training sessions were held to help staff and families learn how to work collaboratively. Learn More...

Patient and Family Advisors

The Institute for Family-Centered Care works with patient and family advisors serving in a variety of roles and in adult and pediatric settings, from acute care hospitals to long-term care agencies, medical and nursing schools, and community programs. 


A New Initiative for Children's Hospitals


Two parent leaders, Joy Bennett and Karen Bergan, Family Advisory Council Chairs at Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital at New York-Presbyterian respectively, are connecting families and staff of Family Advisory Councils at children's hospitals around the country, through a newly created network.


If you are a family member or staff member who is interested in starting or sustaining a Family Advisory Council at your children's hospital, please join their listserv by emailing Joy Bennett at


To read more about Joy Bennett's role as a Family Advisory Council Co-Chair and Parent Coordinator for Cincinnati Children's Hospital click here...

International Conference: Call for Papers

The 3rd International Conference on
Patient- and Family-Centered Care
Partnerships for Enhancing Quality and Safety

July 30 - August 1, 2007
Sheraton Seattle
Seattle, WA
With leadership support from Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center, University of Washington Medical Center, and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

The 3rd International Conference on Patient- and Family-Centered Care will showcase innovative health care programs that are committed to patient- and family-centered care and meaningful collaboration with patients and families. Share your experiences and accomplishments in advancing the practice of patient- and family-centered care!

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Privileged Presence: Personal Stories of Connections in Health Care

Privileged Presence
Personal Stories of Connections in Health Care
Liz Crocker & Bev Johnson

   "Privileged Presence should be required reading for all health care professionals, especially students.  Underlying the quiet dignity of each story is a powerful message about how to become a more skillful clinician."


William Schwab, MD, Professor, Department of Family Medicine
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Pulbic Health


 "This is powerful stuff.  By the last page my head was swimming with these people and their situations and memories.  So many of them reminded me of things that have happened to me or my friends or family.  I really felt I could relate.  I truly wish I had read this book before my father had become ill..."


Sandy McDougall, a family caregiver


Privileged Presence is a collection of over 50 stories that reflect people's health care experiences from the points of view of compassion, communication, collaboration, respect and dignity...or their absence. This timely book uses real-world experiences recounted by patients and their families, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to illustrate what works and what doesn't, what increases or diminishes people's sense of confidence and well-being.


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