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Maine Medical Center, MaineGeneral Health, Eastern Maine Medical Center, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Join Forces to Sponsor Institute For Family-Centered Care Seminar
Patient Advocate and Leader: Winthrop (Win) M. Hodges
Opportunities to Support the Mission of the Institute
Welcome Julie Moretz: Champion of Change
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Maine Medical Center, MaineGeneral Health, Eastern Maine Medical Center, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Join Forces to Sponsor Institute For Family-Centered Care Seminar

Maine Medical Center, MaineGeneral Health, Eastern Maine Medical Center, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation are the sponsors for the Institute's upcoming intensive training seminar, Hospitals Moving Forward with Patient- and Family-Centered Care, April 23-26, 2007, in Portland, Maine. The Institute appreciates our sponsors' support for what promises to be a dynamic event. Here are some highlights about our sponsors:

Maine Medical Center (MMC), a teaching hospital located in Portland, is the largest hospital in Maine with 606 licensed beds. MMC, a nonprofit corporation, brings together patient safety and patient- and family-centered care by placing planning and decision-making in the hands of the experts: patients, families, and the health care professionals. MMC has a Safe Patient- and Family-Centered Care Steering Committee and two Advisory Councils. MMC implemented five pilot projects that led to innovative improvements and is working to fully implement the Partnership Care Delivery Model. 
MaineGeneral Health (MGH)  is a comprehensive non-profit health care system serving patients from more than 80 communities throughout the Kennebec Valley, with anchor facilities in Augusta and Waterville. MaineGeneral introduced the patient- and family-centered care practice model last year, involving patients in all aspects of care. Staff collaboration with patients and family members is reflected in policies, procedures, and programming, with the ultimate goal to increase quality, satisfaction, and safety for patients, families, and staff.  

Eastern Maine Medical Center (EMMC), located in Bangor, Maine, started as a five bed general hospital. EMMC is now a comprehensive 411 bed medical center serving communities throughout central, eastern, and northern Maine. EMMC is one of three designated trauma centers in the Maine Trauma System and also provides outreach clinics to many local hospitals. For the last three years, EMMC has earned a national top ten award for Service Excellence, based on patient satisfaction surveys.

To learn more about the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, please see last month's Pinwheel Pages, January 2007 Edition, which features a front-page article on the Foundation.



The Institute is grateful to all our Maine sponsors for helping to make this in-depth training seminar possible. Click here to learn more about the seminar.

Patient Advocate and Leader: Winthrop (Win) M. Hodges

Looking back, Win's 1993 rollerblading accident turned out to be a blessing in disguise. He went to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment of a broken jaw and six broken ribs. The results of the chest x-rays, initially performed because of his broken ribs, revealed a possible mass in his lung. Further tests confirmed a diagnosis of adenocarcinoma (non-small cell cancer). Win's initial surgery, scheduled to last 6-8 hours, was over in two hours because the lymph nodes showed that the cancer had metastasized.

Given the diagnosis of Stage 3 lung cancer, Win, who lost his best friend to lung cancer at age 36, was determined to beat the odds and survive. In taking on the challenge to survive advanced lung cancer, Win embraced a multi-dimensional approach, and, leaving no stone unturned, changed his life. In addition to qualifying for the most aggressive medical treatment protocol available, which included two surgeries and three rounds of intensive radiation and chemotherapy within six months of diagnosis, Win read about cancer and survival, consulted with experts in the field, practiced meditation and other relaxation techniques, and enjoyed the benefit of strong support from his family and friends.

Following his successful cancer treatment, Win became involved in volunteer work. He started a support group at his office for people who had cancer or who were caregivers for those with cancer. Win participates in Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center's matching program in which he speaks to newly diagnosed lung cancer patients, twice co-chaired Survivorship Day programs, and is a writer/editor for SUPPORT, a quarterly publication by and for patients and their families. In 2001, Win became a member of the Cancer Center's Patient and Family Advisory Council, a role he continues in today.

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Opportunities to Support the Mission of the Institute

Opportunities to Support the Mission of the Institute


The Institute for Family-Centered Care provides leadership and resources to advance the practice of patient- and family-centered care and promote partnerships among health care providers, patients, and families. The Institute offers educational programs, informative publications, a wealth of information on our website, training and technical assistance, and consultation with hospitals and health systems. The work of the Institute is funded through a variety of sources, including donations, grants, sponsorships of events, and our Pinwheel Sponsors program. 


Sponsorships and grants this past year helped the Institute to:


  • Plan the upcoming intensive training seminar Hospitals Moving Forward With Patient- and Family-Centered Care to be held in Portland, Maine in April.


  • Provide scholarships to patient and family members from medically underserved communities in Maine so that they can attend the upcoming intensive training seminar.


  • Convene the in-depth hospital seminar in Dearborn, Michigan, attracting health care professionals, patients, and family members from six nations who networked and created action plans to advance the practice of patient- and family-centered care.



  • Plan The 3rd International Conference on Patient- and Family-Centered Care to be held in Seattle, Washington this summer.


Looking to the future, the Institute would like to increase access to our seminars and conferences by making scholarships available for patients and family members, update our publications, and expand our website to offer additional tools for change, evidence-based research reference materials, and stimulating profiles of patient, family, and health system leaders of change who enhance the delivery of patient- and family-centered care.  


Please continue to the support the Institute to reach our future goals. Become a Pinwheel Sponsor! Exhibit at the International Conference! Become a Sponsor of the International Conference! Promote patient- and family-centered care within your organization!


By supporting the Institute, you can increase your organization's visibility and network with some of the leading health care institutions. We offer various sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities, with flexibility to fit almost any budget. Find one what works for you by looking at the Pinwheel Sponsor Program information page and our Invitation to Exhibit and Sponsor at the 3rd International Conference on Patient- and Family-Centered Care.


Hospitals Moving Forward with Patient- and Family-Centered Care

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An Intensive Training Seminar Enhancing Quality and Safety for Patients and Their Families

April 23 - 26, 2007

Holiday Inn by the Bay

Portland, Maine

Welcome Julie Moretz: Champion of Change

We are delighted to welcome Julie Ginn Moretz to the Institute's team, as our Director of Special Projects. Julie is working on a variety of projects to expand partnerships among health care professionals, patients, and families, including programming for the Institute's upcoming Seminar, Hospitals Moving Forward with Patient- and Family-Centered Care.

Julie comes from Augusta, Georgia, and brings nearly 15 years of hands-on experience in developing patient- and family-centered care programs for the Medical College of Georgia Health System (MCG), a health system with visionary leadership committed to having partnerships with patients and families at all levels of the organization.

Julie's initial involvement with MCG began in 1993, as a parent-advocate. Julie served as the Chairman of the MCG Family Advisory Council for five years and, for most of the last nine years, was the Director of Family Services Development at MCG Health System.

Julie's work is inspired by her youngest son, Daniel, who was born with a congenital heart defect, and had a dozen heart surgeries including a heart transplant. Julie worked at MCG to help redesign the experience of care through her unique perspective. While at MCG, Julie participated in the design of the national award-winning $53 million Children's Medical Center and served on numerous hospital committees as the voice for patients and families. As Director, she oversaw five departments that supported patients and families and was the liaison for hospital-wide Patient and Family Advisory Councils that offer input into the design of hospital programs and services. In an effort to incorporate patient- and family-centered health care within the curriculum at the Medical College of Georgia, Julie initiated the Family Faculty program where patient advisors co-teach with professors. Julie also served as a faculty tutor for first year medical students for the Communication Skills Lab and Essentials of Clinical Medicine course.

As an advocate for patients, Julie has participated in symposiums with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and recently presented at the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. In 1998, she shared the stage with President and Mrs. Clinton and Vice President and Mrs. Gore to discuss the effects of a child's hospitalization on the family.

Julie brings a wealth of experience to the Institute. She will serve as a member of the Institute faculty at the upcoming Hospitals Moving Forward with Patient- and Family-Centered Care Seminar. Click here for more information about the seminar.


To learn more about Julie and her family, check out the PBS Documentary Remaking American Medicine...Health Care for the 21st Century series, Hand-in-Hand, where she was named a Champion of Change.















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