IPFCC has received:

The 2009 Picker Organizational Award for Excellence in the Advancement of Patient-Centered Care, presented at the International Society for Quality in Health Care meeting in Dublin, Ireland. Read More...

2011 Dorland Health Award

Bev Johnson, IPFCC's President and CEO, has received:

The 2011 Dorland Health People Award for leadership in the area of patient- and family-centered care.

The 2008 Stanley Graven Award for outstanding contribution to, and presented by, the National Perinatal Association.

The 2007 Stan and Mavis Graven Award for Leadership which acknowledges an individual who has shown outstanding leadership, innovation, and creativity in enhancing the physical and developmental environments for high-risk infants and their families.

2007 Center for Health Design Award

The 2007 Changemaker Award by the Board for the Center for Health Care Design.

The 1992 Lloyd Bentsen Award for leadership for family-centered care.

The 1990 Humanitarian Award from Pediatric Nursing.