Free Downloads

The following resources can be downloaded to use as guidance in preparing patients and families to serve as educators of both students and clinicians.

Sharing Personal and Professional Stories

This resource is designed to help participants develop an understanding of patient- and family-centered care by relating personally to the core concepts. It is intended to be used with groups of patients, families, and health care providers.

Sharing Your Story: Tips for Patients and Families

Provides guidance to help patients and families prepare to tell their story to inspire, educate, and bring about change.

Presentations By Patients and Families: Staff Liaison Coordination and Preparation Roles

Outlines strategies to prepare and support patients and families to serve as presenters and educators.

Guidance Publications and Resources

IPFCC also produces a variety of publications. The following will be helpful to those wanting to create and sustain partnerships with patients and families in the education of students and clinicians.

Essential Allies—Patient, Resident, and Family Advisors: A Guide for Staff Liaisons

Provides a practical, how-to-guide for staff who are responsible for coordinating partnerships with patient and family advisors and patient- and family-centered programs. A flash drive containing over 200 tools and materials is included.

Privileged Presence: Personal Stories of Connections in Health Care (2nd Ed)

Offers a collection of over 65 stories that reflect experiences from the points of view of compassion, communication, collaboration, respect, and dignity...or their absence. Stories are told by patients, families, nurses, doctors, and other health care professionals and serve as a valuable resource for health professional education.

Words of Advice: A Guide for Patient, Resident, and Family Advisors

Offers a workbook for individuals who are new to advisory roles. Self-reflection tools and exercises to help identify skills and interests are included, as well as “words of advice” from experienced advisors. Includes guidance for serving as presenters and faculty in educational programs.

Partnering with Patients, Residents, and Families: A Resource for Leaders of Hospitals, Ambulatory Care Settings, and Long-Term Care Communities

Provides a framework, steps, and tools for senior leaders to use to create and sustain partnerships. Best practices from over 130 exemplary organizations provide concrete real-world examples including from academic and other educational settings.