Recruiting and Roles

Community Engagement Bookmark. From the Michigan Institute for Clinical Research, a recruitment tool to invite community members to partner in research.

Partnering with Patients, Families and Members to Conduct Patient-Centered Research within a Learning Health Organization. Session presented by the HealthPartners Institute at IPFCC’s 2017 7th International Conference on Patient- and Family-Centered Care: Partnerships for Care, Interprofessional Education, and Research.

Providing Training for Partnerships

IPFCC-1467 PFAC Training Slide Deck_Customizable Template and IPFCC-1467 Researcher Training Slide Deck_Customizable Template. Provide slide presentations with notes for presenters for two different audiences — PFACs/PFAs and Researchers to deliver initial training for research partnerships.

Building Trust Building Trust between Minorities and Researchers Glossary of Terms. From the Maryland Center for Health Equity at the University of Maryland School of Public Health.

Comparative Effectiveness Research Glossary of Terms. Developed by the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy The University of Arizona (2011).

Jargon Buster Glossary. Clear language terms used in research from the INVOLVE Program, National Institutes of Health Research.

Participatory Research in Behavioral Health. One-Day training session slides from the Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health, Yale School of Medicine.

Protecting Privacy and Confidentiality

Clinical Research Training On-Line. Free training offered by the National Institute of Health to anyone with interest in human subjects research ethics. Registration is required.

FORCE Research Advocate Training Program (FRAT). A 57-minute presentation about Patient Protection and Ethics in Clinical Research taught by a patient leader.