cover of Strengthening Diversity in Research Partnerships: Knowledge to Action Guide

Diverse, vulnerable, and underserved populations are under-represented as participants in health care research. This lack of representation limits the generalizability of research and contributes to disparities in health and health care. A collaborative approach to research in which researchers work with diverse patient, family, and community partners is emerging as a key strategy to address this issue. IPFCC led a two-year project to explore best practices in partnerships with under-represented individuals and communities in all stages of research—planning, conducting, and disseminating.

This project included two major efforts:

  • Programming at IPFCC’s 8th International Conference on Patient and FamilyCentered Care: Promoting Health Equity and Reducing Disparities held in Baltimore, MD in June 2018 featuring partnerships with diverse and underserved communities in health care research; and
  • Development of the Strengthening Diversity in Research Partnerships: Knowledge to Action Guide featuring content obtained from:
    • An extensive literature review
    • Consultation and input from the project’s Expert Advisory Panel comprised of researchers, health care professionals, and diverse PFC partners
    • Interviews with experts involved in research partnerships in research
    • Site visits to exemplary programs

Researchers and individuals with lived experience of serious mental illness share their insights about partnering in research at the Illinois Institute of Technology. (13:44 minutes)

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