Researchers and individuals with lived experience of serious mental illness share their insights about partnering in research at the Illinois Institute of Technology. (13:44 minutes)

Sonya Ballentine and Lindsay Sheehan, PhD talk about how individuals with serious mental illness are prepared and supported to partner in research. (2:16 minutes)

Researchers and the Leadership Advisory Board at the Illinois Institute of Technology (community members and people with lived experience) discuss research projects and priorities. (44:42 minutes)

Researchers and patient experts discuss their perspectives of partnering through Patient Engagement Studios. (12:52 minutes)

Members of the Diabetes Patient Engagement Studio at the Greenville Health System Health Sciences Center narrow down topics for research questions. (37:51 minutes)

Doriane Miller, MD discusses the importance of building trust and engaging patients, families, and community members in all stages of research (3:34 minutes)

Researchers from UAMS Northwest and members of the Marshallese community discuss their collaborative efforts to address disparities and high rates of disease. (14:20 minutes)

Pearl McElfish, PhD, MBA shares the benefits and challenges of patient- and community-engaged research. (3:56 minutes)

Paige Powell, PhD shares how they work to insure that the voice of every patient partner is heard in their efforts to reduce health disparities in Memphis. (3:21 minutes)

James Harrison, MPH, PhD discusses how patient partners are collaborating in all stages of research, the impact of their involvement, and lessons learned. (3:51 minutes)

Crystal Cené, MD, MPH, FAHA shares why it is essential for researchers to learn how to partner with individuals from communities experiencing disparities. (3:23 minutes)